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Green Initiative

DBH Solutions understands the fundamental responsibility to impact the environment positively by reducing our carbon footprint. We seek a change through energy conservation initiatives, waste reduction efforts, and a commitment to recycling.

We are aware the world is facing serious challenges, with penalties that go far beyond its effect on the environment: climate change. There is a scientific consensus that human activity is beyond reasonable doubt a significant factor behind the current rapid changes in the environment.

A carbon footprint helps us gauge the impact we are having on our environment. It measures the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by different activities. Every business and individual has their own footprint. If we know the size of our footprint and what this comprises, it is easier for each of us to decide how to change the way we do things to reduce it.

Today DBH Solutions Ltd is committed to making great strides in reducing our carbon footprint by using OEMs that manufacture products that are produced utilizing green methodologies like renewable energy ran factories, recycled materials and good waste management.