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Network Cabling Products

We specialize in the design and installation of structured cabling systems with emphasis on new construction and corporate relocations.

Choosing the right network cabling solution will allow your business take advantage of developments in IT devices and systems for years to come.

Our standards based network cabling solutions lead the market in technological innovation, ensuring we provide the widest choice of cabling solutions available. All our installations are tested and standards using state of the art testing equipment.

We are the first company to install the next generation of 10-gigabit cabling solutions in West Africa. We have installed Category 6A and Category 7 cabling solutions that will provide clients with a 15 year lifecycle for their investments. Our cabling solutions will be able to deliver the performance demands of next 2 to 3 generations of active devices thereby significantly reducing your total cost of ownership by avoiding expensive re-cabling costs of future upgrades. We connect your business within and to the outside world.

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